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Deep twists

Photo by Teddy Wolf from WashingtonPost Express

Edgewood in NE DC- Young Girls' Retreat

Zumba Family with "Destiny ZumbaFit Princess" and Dolly Davis 

Stonyfield Farms Sponsored the Holiday Yoga and Yogurt Social

2011 Yoga Class of Hillcrest Recreation Center


Seated Spinal Twist

Anacostia River Walk Stretch

Acroyoga with a little help from my friend.

Takeyah Young demonstrating seated forward fold to the munchkins.
Dancer Pose

Pilates Training with  Quantum Pilates Owner Mark Trudeau
Yogi and Designer Honey Valencia James 
Sari in Modified Pigeon

Yogi Nilajah meditating in Placencia, Belize

Sari in Virabhadrasana II
Lovely Ladies of Glover Park in Pilates Ball Fusion
Dancer on the Awakening in SW
Eka Pada Koundinyasana (one legged arm balance

Sari and Yoga Embrace Yoga Studio Owner Faith Hunter

Ladies learning Pilates in 2011 Your Body-Your Life

Yoga Teacher, Belly Dancer and Raw Chef Samaa Claiborne

 Erika Richardson at Your Body - Your Life 2011
Modified Plank  at Your Body-Your Life
Firefly Pose