You don't need much to start a yoga practice. But when you do, there are a few products that I recommend to enhance your  yoga experience. These are simple products that have helped me build a self care ritual while expanding my yoga practice.

Full Yoga Kit
When you first step on the yoga mat, you want to know that you are safe.  I have no shame in using blocks, straps and foam to help me get deeper into a pose. This kit comes with the complete yoga mat, block and strap!

Yoga Towel for Mat
Bikram Yoga, Hot Yoga or just a plain ole sweaty yoga class will have you slipping and sliding all over the mat. I bought my yoga towel from Yoga Toes and don't regret spending the money.

Lavender & Aromatherapy 
When my racing thoughts started to keep me up at night, I invested in a lavender and aromatherapy kit to help calm my nerves. This easy to use aromatherapy kit is the exact kit that I use in my classes to clear the air and invite relaxation into our yoga practice.

Lavender Oil

Aromatherapy Diffuser

Yoga and Self Healing Books

Iyanla Vanzant One Day My Soul Just Opened UP
Ms. Vanzant never holds back in this 40 day journey into healing from a breakup, recovering from losing a loved one or just simply getting through the work day. I read excerpts from this book at the end of my yoga classes and Iyanla words always bring a sense of inner awareness.

Sisters of the Yam by bell hooks
This is the book that changed my life. The revolutionary bell hooks is a writer, thinker and feminist bell hooks wrote this groundbreaking self help book for black women as a guide to navigate racism. Sisters of the Yam motivated me to evaluate everything about my self worth and reclaim my yoga practice as a tool for self healing.

Opening to Spirit by Caroline Shola Arewa
This is a fantastic text that explores global connection of yoga. Arewa takes us on a journey through the chakra system citing scientific, emotional and spiritual solutions to health problems. Opening to Spirit is one of the few yoga books that explores the African influence on the history of yoga.