Tuesday, February 26, 2013

3 Products for the Cool & Conscious Consumer

Let's be real, capitalism isn't going anywhere (anytime soon). So if we are shopping, we might as well shop smart. I found 3 products that won't break the bank or beat up the planet! 

1. holBOX by Grace Wiggins  $25.00
Ginger body scrubs, savory coconut water and soy candles are just a few of the goodies you will find in the "holBOX" monthly subscription.
For $25 per month, holBOX will send you products for sample and expert advice on  living a holistic life. Baltimore resident, Grace Wiggins created holBOX to give black women a taste of the holistic and eco-friendly lifestyle. 
"holBOX Founder Grace Wiggins


 2. Yoga Affirmation Cards by Yes Lioness  $12.95
Artist and illustrator M. Borgella used her background in fine arts to create "YES Lioness", colorful products that speak to the self affirmed "Goddess". I love the affirmations because they express the diversity within the yoga world. Each card has an empowering quote and can be used as gifts, decorations or even art.
For more colorful vibrations
 visit http://www.yeslioness.com/

3. Yoga Mat Ties by Brian Saeger $12.00
There is nothing sexier than a man who practices yoga and chops wood. Brian Saeger happens to do both. He decided to turn his love for yoga and scrap wood into the "Yoga Mat Tie".

Yoga Mat Ties easier and faster than a Yoga Bag
Brian Saeger created the "Yoga Mat Tie" as a way to encourage yogis to shop local and stop supporting corrupt companies.  The Yoga Mat Tie is easy to use, eco friendly and you can customize your tie by having Brian engrave your name on the wood! His philosophy is that yogis must educate ourselves and then practice responsible action.

"It's one thing to sit around talking about all the things we could be doing, 
it's another to step up and live it."
Yoga Mat Tie Creator Brian Sager
Twitter: @TheYogaMatTie

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/briansaeger


For more info visit http://www.yogamattie.com http://www.yogamattie.com

If you have eco-friendly product, email anacostiayogi@gmail.com

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Brian Saeger said...

You heard it! I'm sexy! Ha, thanks for the great review of The Yoga Mat Ties!
much love,