Friday, February 1, 2013

Fit & Fabulous: Black Women in Health & Wellness

I think that it's about time we celebrate our sistas who are literally moving their health in the right direction.  These Black women have started businesses, organizations and helped to transform lives through exercise, yoga and fitness. Over the next month, I will feature the successful women in the wellness industry who are taking wellness to the next level.

Today's Honoree is exercise guru Donna Richardson

The Silver Spring, MD native launched to national stardom when she won fitness competitions, served as a host on ESPN and most recently on President's Council for Fitness. Donna has created over 10 exercise videos with her unique style connecting spiritual faith to fitness. 

One of Donna Richardson's many workout videos

At 50 years old, Donna Richardson maintains a sophisticated and sexy style. Yet, somehow never looks like she breaks a sweat!

Victoria Principle, Jane Fonda and Denise Austin may have blazed the trail for women in the mainstream fitness world.  But many people don't know about the amazing Black women who kickstarted a health and wellness revolution. Look out for the next 2013 Fit & Fabulous Woman...

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