Thursday, February 21, 2013

Body Balancing! 3 Tips for Arm Balancing

Balancing your entire body weight can be one of the most challenging aspects of a yoga practice. Most people can barely stand on their own two feet without falling down. So imagine the frustration when attempting to balance on your hands!
Sari in Shoulder Press Pose (bhujapidasana) Photo by Wanakhavi Wahkisi
 I love arm balances because it proves that I can handle my own weight. I feel self-assured and confident that I got this!  So I thought I'd share 3 yoga tips to good arm balances...

Bakasana (crow) gets easier when the weight is equally distributed.

Arm Balances have a lot to do strength in the core and less to do with strong arms. A savvy yoga teacher can tell when you are muscling your way up into a pose. The trick is to allow your arms to function as a supportive shelf while your core stomach muscles lift the body into the air.

Eka Pada Koundiyanasana II (Dedication to Sage)
This pose comes and goes depending on how my hips are feeling. If my hips feel like jello then my body can go in all sorts of directions. Flexible hips = less strain on the core and lower back. Loosening up the hip flexors and hamstrings in a forward bend or forward fold will help you send circulation around the lower body.

Side Crow- Photo by Wanakhavi Wahkisi
We can't deny the fact that you need upper body strength for almost every arm balance. The hands must press firmly into the mat. The forearms must be strong. You need to feel confident that your biceps and triceps can do the work. Toning poses like chaturanga, plank and downward dog will help you slowly build and tone your arms.

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Step by Step instructions for Arm Balances

See you on the mat!!


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