Thursday, February 7, 2013

Beyonce's Secret Super Power: Bibi McGill Yoga

I wonder if Beyonce practiced a quick sun salutation or meditation before the electrifying Super Bowl performance? I suspect the secret to Beyonce's focused success is a ROCKIN' yoga instructor named Bibi McGill.

Bibi also happens to be the lead rock guitarist for Beyonce's World Tour.  Despite her quick ascension into success, international super-stardom wasn't enough.
Bibi McGill Yogi Instructor in seated full lotus
Bibi's musical background has taken her around the globe after a successful musical career with songstress Pink!. But now Bibi is also a yoga instructor seeking to spread yoga to the communities in need of a deeper mind-body connection.
Seated Twist
Bibi didn't stop with yoga and music. Now she's created instructional yoga videos, sells healthy kale chips and leads exclusive Hawaiian yoga retreats. Bibi McGill proves that girls with big afros can be anything and everything we want to be if we follow our dreams.
Acro Yoga
 Bibi described success as,"Having purpose and being happy, then sharing it with other people in whatever way that you can. It's not about money, recognition, or fame because you can have all these things and still be miserable. It's important to follow your dreams. If you follow your dreams, you are successful."


 Check out Bibi McGill solo performance with Beyonce

Bibi in Navasana (Boat Pose)
Thank you BIBI for proving that girls with big Afros can be 
anything and everything we dream to be!!

Learn more about this  Rockin' Yogini Bibi McGill

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