Friday, January 11, 2013

Mind Power: Mental Health First Aid at St. Elizabeth's

I grew up in a home where I witnessed a cousin struggle with bipolar disorder, depression and dark tales of suicide. Lexapro failed her. Mental institutions confined her. Spiritual therapy confused her. Her only therapy was through self medication by using illegal drugs.  Eventually, my cousin ended up in a mental institution, on public assistance and ultimately on the streets.
How do you handle a "Mental Health Emergency"?
As a family, our solutions for mental health treatments were limited. Now, we live in a  21st century reality where mental health is no longer a family secret.  Now it is a medical emergency.

For far too long, our society has ignored, laughed at and downplayed the issues of mental health. Our pharmaceutical companies throw pills at the problem.
Our mental health institutions are privatized and costly. Our national response systems can barely handle the suicide crisis bubbling in our barracks.

Mental health is finally being pushed to the frontline of America's health conversation. In a sick and twisted turn of events, the recent horrific acts by white, young males in their own communities have sparked a national debate on mental health.

 Did we wait too late? 
Learn to assist in a Mental Health Emergency
This is a national challenge that Saint Elizabeth's Hospital in SE is facing head-on. They are kicking off  a new Mental Health First Aid Training for east of the Anacostia residents.  The training will help our community identify, understand and respond to signs of mental illness.  Register for the training and help our community move in a new direction for mental health. If you ever need help call  1888- WE-HELP.

Alix Talleyrand

For more Resources on Mental Health in Washington D.C.

DC Department of Mental Health
The Access HelpLine at 1(888)7WE-HELP or 1-888-793-4357

The Siwe Project

Black Mental Health Network


Alexis said...

This is great!

Anonymous said...

This is awesome of St. E's. Hope they do this on a regular basis.

featheredpipe said...

St.Elizabeth is doing a great job!!!

yogi om said...

great job, yoga and meditation is the best way to get mind power

Mia Yardely said...

I think it's great they're conducting training like this so people will know how to respond and help in emergency situations, especially with those special cases.