Wednesday, January 23, 2013

If I Ruled the World...

If I ruled the world, I'd tear down dilapidated clinics. Instead I'd build up state-of-the art healing centers. Every man, woman and child would be able to enjoy healthy cooking classes.
Teen participants in the Mind Right/Body Tight Summer Video.
 Grandmas could try out a restorative yoga session. 
Sariane Leigh teaching yoga to women at Anacostia Library.
Anacostia women enjoying floor exercises
Physicians would prescribe a yoga nidra class instead of sleeping pills. Herbal remedies and whole foods would replace needles and surgeries. Anacostia residents would finally start to feel real change in their lives.
East of the river residents taking a clean eating course.
Idealistic, yes. Impossible? Never. 

Health equality is the civil rights issue of our generation. The health inequities in DC rival those of Russia. The HIV rates compete with parts of West Africa. Obviously, we have surpassed the time for action.  It is time to embrace a new approach.  Become a part of a new medical movement!

 Join me in discussing a new vision.
"Yoga Healing in Anacostia" 
 Center for Integrative Medicine on  
Wednesday, January 23, 2013 @ 7:45pm

DC Yoga Therapy Community led by Linda Lang (center with scarf)
   Health is not a luxury. 
Health is a necessity.
Yoga Healing in Anacostia - Panel with Sariane Leigh
International Integrative Medicine Day
George Washington University Center for Integrative Medicine
 2121 I Street NW
Wednesday, January 23, 2013
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The event is FREE TO THE PUBLIC.
No reservations are required.
You must bring an ID to enter Ross Hall on the GW campus. 
Ross Hall is located on the pedestrian walkway across from GW Hospital and adjacent to the Himmelfarb Library.
E-mail for more information!
Sponsored by Therapeutic Yoga of Greater Washington | New Hampshire Avenue, NW | Washington | DC | 20037-2334


Peter Kua said...

great post. although western medicine has its place in this world, i, too, believe that natural healing and remedies are the way to go toward a healthy world. before this can happen, we will need to fight the suppression of natural cures by pharmaceuticals with deep pockets! :)

AnacostiaYogi said...

Hi Peter!! Yes in no way can I deny the marvels of western medicine and its role in our current quality of life. But what happens when people can't even access the wonderful sophistication of modern medicine?

I never thought about natural cures being suppressed by Big Pharma. But you have a point.

What I do notice is that the one pill, hit it & quit it culture has created a love/hate relationship with pharmaceuticals. Complex yes, but impossible no.
Thanks for commenting!!!

KirillStorch said...

we want to do a series about yoga for digestive u have any tips about that on your site? or point us in the right direction?