Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Secret to His Success: Coy Dunston of Secrets of Nature

How does a healthy food business stay open east of the Anacostia river? Southeast DC has witnessed a fair share of healthy eateries to come and go. But one man defies all the broken promises on health. Coy Dunston, owner of Secrets of Naturehas humbly maintained his vegan food eatery in Southeast DC for 15 years. 

Coy Dunston, owner of Secrets of Nature Health Food Store
Photo by Patricia Durham
Secrets of Nature 3923 S. Capitol Street SW
Mr. Dunston quietly and successfully feeds our hood without high profile financial support or tax breaks. His clientele range from the on-the-go federal worker to the boxer training for his next fight.
Mixed rice, veggie salmon and raw kale (with vita coco to drink)
 I stopped in for carry out and selected the veggie salmon, raw pepper kale and vegetable rice. The food portions are sizable and the costs reasonable. Above all, the food was delicious. The Secrets of Nature health center offers fresh organic veggies, body butters, soaps and even a vintage self-help book collection.
Natural Body products
Buying healthy food east of the river has never been easy. Some blame the store owners for providing low quality options. Others blame the residents who won't cough up the cash to keep a healthy food business open. Coy Dunston doesn't get caught up in the debates about healthy establishments east of the Anacostia. His main concern is to "make the numbers work". 

He sought a location that affords him the stability and the longevity to provide a much needed service to the community. He provides food that residents enjoy. A simple equation for a successful health business in our hood.

Secrets of Nature, the only vegan health food store east of the Anacostia River.
 Local non profits, political leaders and food justice workers continue to make claims about improving food deserts and health disparities. Yet, Secrets of Nature remains the only business actually getting the job done. Stop by Secrets of Nature and thank Coy Dunston for his hard work, dedication and shrewd business sense.

Secrets of Nature
3923 S. Capitol Street SW
Washington, DC

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