Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mile High Club: Two Hour Intensive with Yogi JMiles

I just met my E-harmony fantasy dream date. A cute, compassionate, healthy, loving father, well-traveled...and...wait for it... a BLACK male yoga teacher!
Yogi J Miles in Vasisthasana (Side Plank)
Photos by Becky Eschenroeder
I could barely contain my anticipation when I found out Yogi JMiles (Jonathan Christopher Miles) was on his way to the 532Yoga studio in Alexandria, VA. I cleared my entire Saturday calendar. I woke up earlier than usual. I even recruited a few friends to go see this rare specimen of a man bend over, balance and tell me how to move my body. But Miles was also about his mission emphasizing his work to get yoga out to more black men.

Yogi JMiles represented the nuance, confidence and challenge that I have been longing for in my yoga practice. Starting us off with a slow and deliberate breath, I found myself moving into a seamless sequence without realizing that 45 minutes had already passed by. While the tunes of Mos Def, Jamiroquai and classical Indian music kept me on pace, Yogi JMiles kept my attention asking us to "to move from the body but also move from the heart."
Taking Yoga on the Road
His sequencing helped me get into my deepest camel pose (Ustrasana). And even though the sweat started to roll off my body from every orifice, I moved into my headstand with stability and determination.
Coining his style "Hatha slow flow", he is peaceful, but he doesn't pacify you. Yogi JMiles teaches with a smooth lift off. He guides your body into new elevations. Before you know it, you are rising and flying, doing whatever it takes to become a member of his Mile High Yoga Club.

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