Monday, October 29, 2012

Top 5 Women's Fitness Videos

Maybe you're stuck in a hotel room, sleeping in an airport or bound to your home because of an impending weather-related doomsday. Whatever it is, there's no reason why we can't keep up our workout when we lose access to a gym or miss out on an exercise class.
No excuses exercise. We have the internet, iphones, ipads and youtube!
 The internet age has given us anytime and anywhere fitness. Youtube offers us free workout snippets that we can watch on our phone, ipad or any handheld device. I sifted through hundreds of youtube videos and put together Anacostia Yogi's Top 5 favorite fitness videos.  You may be shut in but never shut out of staying healthy!

1. Mel B
The ex Spice Girl, Mel B, caught everyone's eye back in the 1990's when she proudly rocked a wild afro while everyone else ran to hair weaves. She has since shed the rebellious image and set out to redefine herself as an affirmed fitness model.
We miss the Afro :(
After giving birth to two children and a high profile custody lawsuit with Eddie Murphy, she produced a fitness video, "Totally Fit".

Most fitness videos look more like a bad sitcom rather than a workout, but Mel B keeps the energy up attending to a strong calisthenic workout and toning exercises. She is fun, light-hearted and gets straight into the movements.

The self appointed, "Hollywood Trainer" has helped celebrities like Queen Latifah, Kelly Rowland and now has a show on BET.
Jeanette's form is always on point

 I like Jeanette's style becuase she fuses pilates principles with basic fitness ab routines. She always incorporates tips on protecting the spine and proper alignment.

Check out her latest , Sexy Abs with Destiny's Child, Kelly Rowland.

The Twerk Team are two young ladies from Atlanta who took a standard pole dancing pose and created an exercise craze. Their youtube channel has over 69 million views and they travel across the country teaching women (and men) how to drop it low.
Fitness can and should be sexy.

Some call it twerking or booty poppin. Others call it winding and grinding. Whatever you want to call the new slang for moving the lower body, just know that twerkin' sculpts and shapes the love handles while scraping off the muffin top.

Twerking is ALOT harder than it looks and requires a very deliberate isolation of the lower back, inner thighs and pelvic area.

Buffie Caruth used to grace the covers of men's magazines honoring her voluptuous body. She made thousands of dollars starring in rap videos. But soon the opportunities dried up and Buffie creatively found a new way to celebrate her body. She started BodyNomics as a way to encourage curvaceous black women to keep themselves healthy while maintaining their sexy.
Big, Thick, Swole? You too can be fit!

Buffie goes beyond the body giving business advice, encourages women to stop selling themselves short and tells an honest story about life in the video pro industry!

Tiffany Rothe rose to the top without any big name supporters. Her fitness videos have a traditional dance and aerobic format. Her movements are easy to follow and she adds flare to her core heavy cardio routines. Tiffany Rothe just added a workout for pregnant women and showcased her skills on Dr. Oz.

No matter where you are or how much money you have, there is a way to stay fit. So plug in, get up and workout. Learn more info on my youtube channel, Anacostia Yogi Brown Body Fitness.

See you on the mat!



Denimqueen said...

Now I need to know, do any of these ladies have a clothing line? I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have exercise pants that will fit around my hips and thighs without becoming transparent (I'd also love pants that are long enough for my 5'10" frame but I'm willing to compromise lol) or having to buy poorly cut and cheaply but expensive plus size clothes.

AnacostiaYogi said...

Hey Denimqueen! You are ahead of the game. We definitely need more exercise pants that are wider around the hips, thighs and bellies. I hate when the fitness pants ride up. Plus, I LOVE colors! Black gets really boring. Even though I am 5'1, I can feel your pain LOL. I like longer pants as well. I will start my research and get back to you with Anacostia Yogis favorite fitness clothing line.

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