Friday, October 26, 2012

Revolutionary Movement! Girl Trek!

The visionary group, Girl Trek is starting a new black revolutionary movement. Literally moving women toward walking, healing and health. The founders, Vanessa Garrison and Morgan Dixon, started Girl Trek in honor of the freedom fighter Harriett Tubman. Co-founder Morgan Dixon went as far to share her very personal story on how walking helped her battle depression.

I ran into the other co-founder, Vanessa Garrison, at my yoga class in Malcolm X Park. She shared that she is committed to taking the Girl Trek! movement to another level by galvanizing thousands of black women to follow the same path as Harriet Tubman. Except her mission is to focus on self-emancipation and self-care. We agreed that something has shifted for new millennium black women. We want more out of life than working and laboring for no reward and no respect.  We demand better health options and true "peace of mind."
Anacostia Yogi (Left) Girl Trek Founder Vanessa Garrison (right)
Their popular facebook page, Healthy Black Women and Girls, has over 117,000 members. Their outreach spans the globe. The old image of a tired, worn out and overworked black woman has died. Just like many of those women who labored and struggled to support entire communities, we can't take anymore unnecessary suffering. But instead of looking outside of ourselves, we are starting to ask ourselves, "What do black women need to live better and happier lives?" Learn more about Girl Trek! and why "We Walk".!copy-of-join-the-movement/cmc3

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