Saturday, September 15, 2012

Gettin It In with the "Z-GoGo" Workout

 Chuck Brown and Lil Benny might be gone but their spirit lives on with a new fitness dance craze called the Z-GoGo Workout
Get going with Z-GoGo
 The Z-GoGo Workout was created by Dani Tucker Hooper, an avid fitness and dance junkie who I met when she came to my Pilates class at Spirit Anacostia Fitness Center. She loved to work out but didn't like the standard techno or latin workout music in most most fitness classes. Dani got creative and built a high-impact cardio workout system using DC's homegrown musical art-form, "GoGo".
Dani Hooper (White Hat) created the Z- GoGo sensation
I arrived into the Fort Davis Recreation Center on Saturday at 11am only to find that they turned away 15 people because the room was packed to capacity! The class is non-stop energy but also calls back to those African drumming rhythms that kept black folks moving and grooving for thousands of years!

I learned  the old school go go dances like the "Lil-Benny", the "motorcycle" and the "slide out". But the dances can't match the energy of the instructor Dani Tucker Hooper. Dani is a native Washingtonian who keeps the class hyped up with excitement and encouragement.

The workout has expanded and now offers certification in both GoGo and Gospel Fitness. The fitness troupe  represents a wide spectrum of women who care about their body and spirit.
Z-GoGo Instructor
Get your groove, your workout and your sweat in with Z-GoGo every Tuesday at 7pm and Saturday at 11am at Fort Davis Recreation Center.

The Z-GoGo Workout
Fort Davis Recreation Center
Tuesday 7pm
Saturday 11am
Phone 202-215-1512
Certified Fitness Instructors


Nae said...

This sounds like so much fun! Perhaps one of these days I will make it down join in the fitness from MoCo :)

Anonymous said...

Bump, one of these days. The time is now!! Here I come and I'm rounding up people to come with me :) march 2013 baby!!!

Anonymous said...

Forget one day, today is the day!! I'm on my way and I'm rounding up people. Z-GoGo!! all day