Monday, August 13, 2012

Who Run this Mutha? The Small Biz Women of DC

I like money. I like nice things and I want to be financially stable. There, I admitted it. But I also love to serve my community. I want to see Anacostia become the healthiest and happiest neighborhood on the east coast! Can my appreciation for the good life and my passion for community service go hand in hand? I went looking for ways to turn my calling into cash at the Vision Quest Retreats "Unleash Your Social Media Butterfly" Pool Party hosted by Dr. Nicole Cutts and Stacy Ferguson of Blogalicious.
Stacy Ferguson, Anacostia Yogi &
Dr. Nicole Cutts
While chilling by the pool, I ran into my favorite small biz guru Yvonne Bynoe of Soulful Affluence. She reminded us that "It's a great time to be a woman and it's a great time to make money." Bynoe also offered up some tips on investing your money in experts as opposed to doing it yourself. 

Meeting Bynoe was just one of the many highlights of the Vision Quest Retreat. We also enjoyed manicures, desserts by Top Chef Carla Hall and a creative visualization exercise led by clinical psychologist Dr. Nicole Cutts. 
Anne Hogan and Dr. Nicole Cutts on crafting your vision.

Publicst and fashion blogger Amber Williams
We tasted them first! "Alchemy" cookies by DC's Top Chef Carla Hall  
@TravelJones getting a manicure 
Letting my nails dry before jumping in the pool!
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The retreat was exactly what I needed to help me transition from community service to community capital. I plan to share these tips with other future business women in Anacostia. But most importantly, I plan to find the delicate balance between activism and abundance!

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Nae said...

Great video! So nice to see you again on Saturday and I will definitely be looking to attend some of your upcoming events:)

Justice Fergie said...

it was so great to meet you on Saturday. your energy is amazing! looking forward to staying connected ;)

V. Quest said...

Loved meeting you at the Unleash Your Social Media Butterfly event. Let's talk some more. Thanks for this great spread :-)


Anonymous said...

Thanks! Yes Blogalicious 2012! Hope to see you in Vegas!