Saturday, August 4, 2012

Pediatrician Dr. Gloria Wilder Opens Up Shop in Anacostia!

From the Oprah Winfrey Show to Anacostia, health activist and pediatrcian Dr. Gloria Wilder is determined to make an impact on health in Washington D.C.
Famed Pediatrician Dr. Gloria Wilder
She recently broke ground on her state of the art private pediatric care. Core Health and Wellness Center is located in Sheridan Station on Sheridan Road SE. The center is also one of the few health clinics that creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere for Anacostia families.

The center fuses personalized child healthcare with a progressive holistic health approach. This is a major step for Anacostia, which currently has the least number of medical doctors in Washington D.C.

I slipped in for a sneak peak of the facilities and so far, Dr. Wilder is living up to her word. Core Health is clean, pleasant and the staff were eagerly available to help and offer support! Let's hope this is the way of the future for health in Anacostia!
Helpful and hard working staff

Marketing to Anacostia residents

Clean, modern design in waiting room

Ample space for patients but rarely a line.
Serene-themed door signs
Waiting Room

Color coded waiting rooms
Kitchen for healthy cooking workshops

Fitness Facilities

For more information, contact:
Dr. Gloria Wilder, MD, MPH
2516 Sheridan Road, SE Suite A
Washington DC 20020
Community Driven Outcome Focused Solutions


Anonymous said...

Doesn't look like a kitchen where you can cook much ... no stove or oven just a dishwasher!

Sariane Leigh said...

Yeah and parking is major issue!

Takeyah | Core Connection Lifestyle said...

Glad to have this resource east of the river!

Anonymous said...

I'm so grateful that Dr. Wilder has decided to give back. parking is an issue everywhere in DC! I rather get good healthcare in a nice clean facility than to pay for parking and wait hours in a place that treats me as just another patient.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Wilder has taken a courageous step to serve the under served and build up health care from grass roots. Facility is modern, clean and spacious. Dr. Wilder is working on bringing highly qualified healthcare providers to this facility to facilitate her health team work. Two thumbs up!

Keon Nichols said...

She has the most cleanest facility in this area and she is the greatest.

Sariane Leigh said...

So many positive comments on Dr. Wilder. I think she is fantastic This is a great example of the future of doctor's in Anacostia!