Saturday, August 25, 2012

Boot Camp Beat Down with Patrice Jones of Fru-Fit

Boot camp frightens me. The drill sergeant instructors and intense military style goes against my soft and gentle yoga-based healing practice.  But a friend suggested that I try Fru-Fit Saturday boot camps in Anacostia Park. I thought I'd give it a shot considering that I love to support exercise businesses in my neighborhood.  Little did I know that the ladies would be supporting me as I barely survived the two hour boot camp beat down with Fru-Fit!
Owner of Fru Fit Patrice Jones

Fru-Fit is owned by Certified Personal Trainer Patrice Jones who started the company after weighing  203 pounds and losing her brother to obesity related complications. She loss the weight but gained a new passion for helping other women realize their health goals. The Anacostia native balances her business with motherhood and travelling as far as Baltimore to train her clients.

I arrived at the boot camp at 8:30am and the class participants were already engaged in intense suicide runs and weight lifting.
Struggling to make it
We then warmed up the body with sexy Zumba dancing by Marnell Hughes and finished out with a strength training circuit by Patrice Jones. The class was so intense that I had to sit out a circuit to prevent myself from getting light headed! I suggest that you come VERY hydrated and go at your own pace. I felt fantastic afterward and plan to comeback for the full session during the week.
Anacostia Park Skate Pavillion (Rain or Shine)
1900 Anacostia Drive SE Washington DC 20020
($7) Drop in ($40) Monthly Pass
6:30am 45 minutes
7:30am 45 minutes

8:30am Cardio
9:00am Zumba with Marnell
9:30 Strength Training 


Nae said...

Awesome! So proud of Patrice and what she is doing for our community :)

Anonymous said...

Patrice Jones is not to be played with. I always sing we want mucles all over our body from our head down to our toes, to motivate my sisters.

AnacostiaYogi said...

I had a great time and purchasing my pass for the Fall session!

My thighs are still burning!