Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Vibe and Flow with Lalah Hathaway & Mimi Rieger

Musical artist Lalah Hathaway turned up the heat on the DC yoga scene as she serenaded a powerful "Vinyasa Vibes" yoga class led by one of DC's top yoga instructors, Mimi Rieger.
Anacostia Yogi and Lalah Hathaway in the post yoga reception
"Vinyasa Vibes" pulled together Lalah Hathaway and Mimi Rieger to create a smooth and vibrating yoga experience. Not only did the lovely Ms. Hathaway sing her soft tunes, she also buckled down to practice yoga in between performances! I tried my best to stay focused on my mat instead of staring at Lalah in her downward dog!

Lalah and Mimi make beautiful music!

"Vinyasa Vibes" gave us a chance to experience her new album up close and personal. The Sports Club /LA hosted the event after a successful run with Dave Koz at thier New York City studio. Lalah Hathaway's music was a great match for the class allowing us to get lost in our flow.

Mimi Rieger spreads her yoga wings in the Vinyasa Vibes booklet.
Mimi Rieger is a former ballet dancer and seasoned teacher in the DC yoga scene. She guided us through an intense sequence to connect the breath and movement to the songs on Lalah's new album, "Where it All Begins".

Soul Sista Yoginis in their post yoga glow. 
Fellow health advocate, Dr.Autumn Saxton Ross and Lalah Hathawway.

The soul sista yoginis also showed up to share their practice and enjoy the post vinyasa victuals; h 'orderves, wine and champagne!
H'orderves, Yoga and Wine! Life is Good!
Vinyasa Vibers meet and greet
Vinyasa Vibes was a great way to diversify my yoga practice and mix up my flow on the yoga mat. I met new yogis and rubbed shoulders with some familiar faces. The Mimi Rieger and Lalah Hathaway combo made for a fantastic fusion of music and meditation!
Mimi Rieger and her exhausted yoginis!
Check out my favorite song on Lalah Hathaway's new album, "Where it all Begins".

Lalah Hathaway

Mimi Rieger Yoga

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