Sunday, June 3, 2012

Moms on the Move & Girls on the Run

Most kids spend Sunday mornings in front of a flat screen letting their youth pass them by. But this past Sunday, over 400 girls (and boys) defied stereotypes and banded together for Girls on the Run in Anacostia Park.
Little Girl or little Diva on the Run!

The start line was filled to the brim!
Exercises to get the legs warmed up.
I registered for the 5k at the last minute despite minimal training and my limited lung capacity! I ran with all my might completing the 5k in 35 minutes. But more importantly, I ran to support the teachers, families, volunteers, organizers and moms who set aside time for the health of their children.

As I watched 9 year-olds and stroller-moms pass me by, I finally crossed the finish line. I stumbled into my favorite super-mom hero, Shahidah, as she finished up with her two daughters, Alex and Naima.
Exercise literally runs in the family. 
This east of the river family proved that behind every determined little girl is a strong mom whispering words of encouragement! 10 year-old Alex explained what she enjoyed most about the Girls on the Run 5k.
The annual Girls on the Run 5K in Anacostia Park is an amazing event for families in DC. Every girl received a number "1" bib sheet and everyone showed up with one goal: to inspire families and girls to pound the pavement for their health.

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