Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Louis Vuitton Girl in Lotus

"I am searching for more fulfillment" might be the last words you'd expect to hear from the successful self-employed mom and network marketer Courtnye Lynch. The Louis Vuitton glam girl and my long-time college friend came to me earnestly seeking tips on how yoga can help quiet her scattered mind.
First Time Yogi Courtnye Lynch  
Like a good yogini, I jumped at the chance to take my diva homie out of her comfort zone and introduce her to the wonderful world of yoga, breathing and meditation.

Why Yoga?
Most of us hop out of bed every morning to sit in our cubicle, rush to lunch and rush home to a family.  We spend most of our lives running and hustling to survive but we forget to thrive. Yoga is one of the few tools of the modern era that can give you simple techniques to balance your life.
Courtnye finding the stillness in Lotus Position
Case Study: The Successful Entrepreneur and Busy Mom 
Courtnye, a sales and publishing guru, was the perfect case for a yoga transformation. As college roomies, she was more Sex and the City and I was more Survivor. But we both loved to explore new things. Her exploration often landed her at Saks while my exploration left me hiking in secluded jungles!
Morgan State University Undergrad Days
The First Step- Trust the Process and Open Your Mind
Working with Courtnye, I knew it would be unrealistic to ask her to 'just stop thinking' during her first yoga experience. Instead, I invited her to find the feeling of a relaxed mind and body using partner yoga. Partner yoga builds trust and establishes a foundation of support. Is your mind is racing faster than your internet wi-fi? Do you feel guilty as soon as you relax? Then it is time to open your mind
Building Trust and Openness with Partner Yoga
The Next Step- Open Your Heart
In the new knowledge economy, we often take our heart for granted. With so much emphasis placed on mental power and thinking, living from the heart gets pushed into the category of cheesy or emotional. I asked Courtnye to share her goals for living to tap into her internal source of stability.
Learning to Let Go and Have Fun relaxes the Body!
The Final Step- Open Your Breath
Courtnye's life is comprised of public speaking, travelling and meeting thousands of people. When she takes a deep breath, it usually precedes a long speech. Steady breathing is an essential component of a balanced life.  Life begins with the breath when we first pushed our way out of our momma's womb. This cycle of Life will end with the breath when we push our way back to mother earth. Let's begin to celebrate the breath along this unknown journey of life!  
Courtnye more relaxed and ready to enjoy life at new heights
Private Yoga Lessons
Laughing about our 15 years of friendship over 50 minutes of yoga was a major victory. If I can get a BMW babe and Louis Vuitton fashionista to realize that yoga is not just for the incense burning, tie-dye wearing, flip-flop rockin bohemian, then I can definitely help my peeps in Southeast DC. Yoga is nature's gift to humans to move you beyond the confusion of everyday life and into a fulfilled and stress free life.

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Private Yoga Lessons with Sariane Leigh Anacostia Yogi

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