Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Catch a Vibe Session with Tendani Mpulubusi El

Anacostia artist Tendani Mpulubusi El will transform his art place into a live open mic jam for the brave and curious as he hosts the first "Vibe Sessionz" series Thursday, May 3, 2012 from 8pm-11pm at Tendani Art Place on 1922 MLK Jr. Avenue SE.

Tendani is a seasoned member of Anacostia's creative class. His notable efforts include directing the Barry Farms documentary, "People, Past and Present", the launching of a web-based artist registry and bridging the gap between old and new energies East of the River.
 Tendani's honesty, passion and motivation fuels his diverse interests but keeps him connected to the community. I caught up with Tendani during the Lumen8Anacostia festival to get a signed copy of his captivating documentary and to learn more about the man behind the mission.

As you swing by Tendani's Art Place during the Lumen8Anacostia, be sure to look out for artist Lewis Carroll. Carroll creates handmade carvings representing west and east African spiritual symbols made from rosewood and mahogany.
Lewis Carroll and his creations

Other creative inspirations throughout the Lumen8Anacostia Art Temporium.
Momma and baby on a cardboard creations at Gallery O on H Street
Black History Oracle

Jimi Hendrix is "Bold as Love"
Bring your instruments your poetry, your voice or your support and check out Vibe Sessionz at
 Tendani Art Place
1922 MLK Jr. Avenue SE

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