Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Other Green Line: The Fort Circle Trail

Hillcrest Hikers Club
Photo by Raymond Keith
With spring in full bloom and rain as a distant April memory, eleven Hillcrest residents bonded during a scenic three hour hike through the Fort Circle Trail. Our fearless leader, Fort Dupont National Park Ranger Tommy Safranak, basked in the glory of his hard work. He guided us through the green trees of the newly renovated trail which was once a protective front during The American Civil War (1861-1865).

Map of Washington DC's Civil War Forts
 Local East of the River photographer Raymond Keith shared a few photos
 of Southeast DC's natural treasure. 

Photo by Raymond Keith

Budding Honey Suckle Photo by Raymond Keith
Renovated Biking, Hiking, Running Path of Fort Circle
Photo by Raymond Keith

Thirsty Trees
Photo by Raymond Keith
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Look out for the next East of the River Hiking Meet Up organized by Veronica Davis
Or contact National Park Ranger Tommy Safranak for a guided tour at 

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