Sunday, March 4, 2012

Yoga By Another Name: Kemetic Yoga

"I used to think that yoga was only  for Indian men meditating wearing white diapers" laughs Yirser Ra Hotep. But Hotep soon realized that yoga was for everyone, "I would travel to a village in Ghana where no one has ever heard of the word yoga. I'd see little African kids getting into the exact same positions."  The more he researched, the more he realized that there was more to yoga than what we thought.
Anacostia Yogi and Yirser Ra Hotep at the Yoga Skills Training
After 30 years of practicing Hindu-based yoga, he developed the Yoga Skills Method- a Yoga Alliance Approved training for yogis who want a deeper cultural connection to yoga.

Kemetic Yoga Teacher Training
Hotep, a social worker and professor, has traveled the world verifying that everyone on the planet practices some form of  "yoga". Hotep eventually traveled to Egypt to document the athletic movements on the hieroglyphs and discovered "Kemetic Yoga". Now the Yoga Skills Method is gaining momentum as more people want to learn about the history of diversity within yoga.
The African Olmecs of Mexico in their versions of  "Locust" and "Scorpion"
Teacher Trainees Learning Kemetic movements from Yoga Skills
Yirser Ra Hotep explaining anatomy to a trainee

Both Ancient Egyptians and Hindus focus on chakras 
The Yoga Skills  training is a great addition to the Hindu-based understanding of yoga. Hotep's extensive understanding of the body, spirit and movement reveals that "yoga" exists in every culture. He reminds us that the "Breath, movement, and the spirit connection is our birthright."
Texts on movement throughout Ancient Africa

 The Yoga Skills Method on Kemetic Yoga is powerful way to learn the cultural history backed up with anatomy and psychology. I now fuse my Hindu-based foundation with Kemetic Yoga for deeper meaning within the soulful movement in yoga.

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Alexis said...

great post!

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Hey Alexis! I had to come to this training with an open mind. I love my Hatha Vinyasa yoga sooo much. But learning about the unification of all people through movement was really inspiring!

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