Friday, March 16, 2012

It Ain't Really About Me

A traditional yoga teacher has no ego. She is humble, anonymous, takes a vow of poverty and devotes her life to seeking a higher state of consciousness. And then there are yoga teachers like me, Anacostia Yogi!
Photos by Teddy Wolff of Washington Post Express
I am splattered across the Washington Post Express, posted on the Washingtonian online magazine and tweeting all day about a new yoga pose. I'd still like to think of myself as a meek and humble yoga servant. The only difference is I feel compelled to do something about health injustices. Yoga is my platform to offer information for people who want to take their health to the next level.

Yoga is about an inward transformation.
After people heard about the yoga movement east of the River, I began to receive dozens of emails saying that they were happy to see a black yoga teacher. Some folks even courageously shared their deep desires to take charge of their health. These responses are proof that we need more black yoga teachers, studio owners, healthy restaurants and quality health providers.

The recent press about health in Anacostia has brought to light the emerging health scene east of the River. People are ready to push their mental and physical limits. I am here to help you find the resources to reach your health goals. My blog and my yoga classes are designed to function as a resource for people who want to see culture and diversity within their wellness circuit. I am committed to bringing up-to-date information about events, environmental issues that improve life east of the Anacostia River.

I am a living testimony to the power of choosing a healthy life. I love sharing the benefits of nutrition, movement therapy and environmental awareness. I encourage you to take your health personally. Health is not about your yoga teacher, your doctor or your personal trainer. It is really about you and your commitment to making changes that can revolutionize your body and ultimately your community.

Thanks to Greater DC Cares, US Office of Women's Health, Black Women's Health Imperative, Hillcrest, Ward 7, Yirser Ra Hotep, tweeters, yogis, and ordinary people for your support!

Black Health is Our Wealth.

Stay Tuned!


HippyFitMom said...

Wow this is so funny only because my husband and I were just talking about how we need more black health and fitness moguls. We sat in the waiting room of the real estate office looking @ magazines such as Self and Shape, noticing not any of the magazines geared to health and fitness had any black women. Good for you. I share your same sentiment. Being healthy is the best thing I can do for me and my family. Great article.

Sariane Leigh said...

Hey Fit Mom,

Yes but the magazines are just following the money. Their sponsors, editors, writers and publishers need to eat and they do so based off of consumer research. The money for black people and health all focus on disease, illness, HIV/AIDS and treatment. If we want to see magazines, studios, tv shows, then we need to seriously shift our perspective on health to a fun preventive outlook, not just a wait and see what happens outlook. Blogs like yours are helping to expand and build a new network of people.