Monday, March 12, 2012

Get Away & Get Within: Jamaica Yoga Retreat with Takeyah Young

It doesn't matter if the yoga mat it is in Benning Road SE or at Bromley in Jamaica, Takeyah Young is taking her practice global. The health counselor, yoga teacher and life coach will cross any boundary to bring health, nutrition and lifestyle alignment to communities ready to make a long term changes.
Takeyah at one of her many beach destinations in Haiti.

The New Jersey native, by way of Trinidad, serves her clients through health counseling, outreach trips to Haiti and  lifestyle coaching.

Takeyah's company, Core Connection Lifestyle offers a personal and indvidualized approach to creating balance in your life.

I was lucky enough to do a counseling session with Takeyah as I sought help for my tendency to take on too much. We soon discovered that this was directly related to my deep anxiety issues, sugar over-consumption, stress levels and relationships. Her knowledge of yoga helped to create a unified outlook on health. She doesn't stop at health. She also incorporates her scientific background into her services grounding her advice in both logic and spirit!

Meet Takeyah at the "Your Body-Your Life" workshop 3/12/12 7pm-9pm. You can chat with her about the upcoming Miami Reggae & Artecology Festival 4/28/12 and take part in her Yoga Wellness tent.

Or schedule a personal consultation to learn about her October 2012 retreat to Bromely, Jamaica.

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