Saturday, March 24, 2012

Flex Your Body & Expand Your Mind: Yoga Melt with Sihnuu Hetep

Watching Sihnnu Hetep flow through her yoga practice reminds me of a modern day female super hero. She glides her long limbs through challenging poses and contorts her body into positions that make the average human body crack and crumble. But Sihnuu's yoga goes beyond the body. 
Which limb goes where?
Sihnuu's says her yogic philosophy is grounded in a deeper emotional connection to movement, "I use my practice to acknowledge the importance of nutritional, physical, sexual and psycho spiritual well-being." Sihnnu is new to the yoga scene, training under yoga expert Kwesi Karamoko and recently through a Yoga District 200-hour teacher certification. Her signature "Yoga Melt" class turns up the heat and intensity by pushing her students to break out of their comfort zones. 
"Yoga Melt" Teacher Sihnuu Hetep
Sihnuu's classes bridge the feminine spirituality to yoga by helping women let go of tension. I attend her weekly Friday night "Yoga Melt" class as a way to let everything go after a long stressful week. Her gentle cues offer the much needed encouragement through the 90-degree heat. The sweat effect of "Yoga Melt" gives my body a chance to go further without straining and stressing my muscles.

This Saturday, March 24, 2012, Sihnuu and 6 other women will discuss the role of meditation and creating a balanced outlook on life at the "Meditate SistaGirl!" workshop. The event will be a great opportunity to meet Sihnuu and learn about the importance of meditation in building a full and rewarding yoga practice.

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