Thursday, January 12, 2012

My 10 Fantasy Winter Boos

The blustery chill of winter inches closer every night. The howling wind and cold mornings painfully remind me of my loneliness. If you can't have it, you can at least think about it. So drifting into my fantasies, I conjured up a list of ten men who could keep me stimulated spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically

1. Curtis GrandersonAs a Baltimore Oriole fan, I never gave a damn bout the New York Yankees until Mr. Grand walked on the scene. The former Detroit player is a debonair, humble and hard core baseball player. He currently operates the Grand Kids Foundation supporting education and baseball in inner cities. It doesn't hurt that he carries himself with discretion and looks like a Black Adonis!
New York Yankee Curtis Granderson
2.   Shahin Vallee (Pronounced "Shy-in Valley")- Is a one man stealth economic operation researching international economics and public policy. Vallee's scholarly analysis examines global economic meltdown and is one of few men of color discussing the European financial crisis across global time zones.

3. Maceo Thomas - Local men need love too. Maceo Thomas is the unofficial Mayor of Ward 7.  His day job as a Long and Foster real estate agent helped me to buy my beautiful Hillcrest condo that overlooks the skyline of DC. He has a Masters in Public Health, speaks French and holds a monthly art fundraiser on Capitol Hill. Maceo works tirelessly to educate and elevate the community blending friendship with social service and winning the Linowes Community Leadership award for his commitment to collaboration.
 Follow Maceo on Twitter @maceopiques

4. Thomas Chatterton Williams- This Ivy Leaguer and native Washingtonian addresses the complexities of Black Mascuinlinty in his new book Losing My Cool. Williams examines the identity crisis facing black men who opt out of popular black male hetero-normative roles. He wins extra points for his subtle sexuality and classic 1950's style.
1950's style with a millennial edge.
5. Aaron Gilchrist- When did the news replace the old gray white guys with the grown and sexy? Aaron Gilchrist is NBC 4's newest edition. He is funny, natural smart and is the one of top reporters's NBC 4's Night Team. I ain't afraid of the dark!
NBC 4's Boy Next Door Aaron Gilchrist

6. Aniekan Udofia - A man with vision, creativity, passion and a sense of history. Aniekan is the mind behind the beautiful Frederick Douglass memorial on Good Hope Road SE. Udofia grew up in Nigeria listening to American hip-hop and integrates his musical passion into his art.  Aniekan's art makes you want to get up close and personal with his creative process.  
Aniekan Udofia's Frederick Douglass Mural on Good Hope Road 

7. Leroy X Factor- If crushing on a 59-year old man is wrong, then I don't wanna be right. This X Factor contestant (yes I watch the show) blends Ben Harper, Richie Havens and Lenny Kravitz. Leroy is like a fine wine!
This man is a senior citizen and he is still fine!

8. Harry Belafonte- I guess this is a good time to expose my old man fantasies. Harry Belafonte's beauty took center stage when he embraced Dorothy Dandridge in the classic "Carmen Jones". His passion made him legendary as he walked along MLK during the civil rights movement. Harry Belafonte could put Hugh Hefner to shame if he wanted to!
Alive and kick'n Freedom Fighter Harry Belafonte

9. Collie Buddz- This lil young thang is like the Brad Pitt of Reggae. Hot, blonde and hungry for fame.

I love his song "Holiday" and will be front and center when he performs at 9:30 Club on Friday January 20, 2012
Reggae Artists Collie Buddz at 9:30 Club on Friday 1/20/12

10. Khepra Anu- Khepra is another local visionary who just opened a Raw Food Bar on H Street NE. Khepra sponsors annual Raw Food retreat to the Caribbean and hosts cooking workshops with raw soul food experts. Check it his Raw Food and Juice Bar at
Wish I was the coconut.
Khepra's Raw Food Juice Bar
402 H St NE
(between N 5th St & N 4th St)
WashingtonDC 20002
(202) 489-8476


Jacqueline Stallworth said...

I absolutely love this post!

Sariane Leigh said...

:) Thanks, they are all hotties inside and out.

By the way, The Big Sea is one of my favorites. Think I'll read it again!

A. Moore-Hughes said...

Thomas Chatterton Williams really????? Clearly you haven't read the book. He is not a native Washingtonian he's from Jersey. If you read his book he characterizes Howard University as place where no learning takes place. He gets a big thumbs down.

Sariane Leigh said...

A.Moore-Hughes. Thanks for the correction! Will definitely give it a read!

Were his criticisms of an HBCU the only reason you didn't like the book?