Friday, January 6, 2012

"I Try to Be Emotionless" Teens Who Fly By Light

Imagine spending 8 days in the forest facing your fears, sharing your deepest secrets, working through anger and celebrating your triumphs. The new film  "Fly By Light" shows what happens when you take teens from the street corners of Washington D.C. to the hills of West Virginia and force them to confront their demons.

The youth development program, Fly By Light, created an "incubator" for emotional healing under the guidance of the One Common Unity team led by Yogi Poet HawaH EverlutionaryHawaH founded One Common Unity and works passionately to connect the universal and spiritual principles of yoga with real life.

HawaH in full wheel (chakrasana)

I was lucky  enough to meet HawaH Everlutionary during a workshop on deep pranayama  (breathing) techniques. HawaH is genuinely passionate about making a meaningful connection with his students and following his dharma (purpose).
Hawah and his new book The Poetry of Yoga
The One Common Unity team has raised over $6500 and is seeking financial support to raise $25,000 to keep Fly By Light afloat. You can show your support for Fly by Light and One Common Unity by sponsoring a teen here or visiting

For more on One Common Unity
1525 Newton Street NW, Washington D.C.

To purchase HawaH's new book, "The Poetry of Yoga"

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