Friday, December 16, 2011

Who's the Boss? 20 Rules for 2012

How do you handle yourself in and outside the boardroom?
Bossy by Kelis
"You don't have to love me

You don't even have to like me

But you will respect me

You know why?

Cuz I'm a boss!"

Being the boss doesn't stop or begin in the workplace. It also doesn't mean controlling other people and wielding your power like a wild woman. A boss is someone who responsibly and fairly handles their business with compassion, while maintaining or improving their surroundings. 

But what are the rules to becoming someone worthy of the title "BOSS?"

My twitter feed lit up when the handle "Boss Chickquotes" asked the folks to submit their personal mantras for grooming yourself to "bosshood". The quotes came rolling in with some good, some bad, but all with a sharp dose of reality. 

 I picked out my top 20 favorite quotes  for
 handling your personal and professional biz!
Disclaimer: These rules may apply to all genders.
  1. Never slow down for a man that can't keep up.
  2. Sometimes you have to be selfish. People will drain the life out of you if you let them! Put your all in to YOU!
  3. I never FAIL: I simply have minor set-backs that prep me for major come-ups.
  4. Stop tryna tell people who you are and what you are about and just.. BE.
  5. Respect is earned... Not given.
  6. Analyze ur Circle. Learn to separate the real from the faux.. & a friend from a foe.
  7. U lose focus once u start watchin the next chick... Stop Watching.. and Start Living.
  8. Watch who gets Fake when shit gets Real.
  9. Learn to be unapologetic ... sometime's u gotta let these b*tches have it...
  10. Never argue with heauxs outside ur tax bracket.
  11. Never share your dream with the dream-killers.. And if ur circle lacks loyalty.. it's better to move in SILENCE
  12. Everybody can't be a GOLD-DIGGER.. too many cheap men out here... u better off being a GOAL-DIGGER.
  13. Never envy the SUCCESS of another.. U have no idea how much she had to SWEAT to get there! 
  14. in order to conduct the orchestra, u must turn ya back to the crowd, never be afraid to stand alone! 
  15. Be careful who you open up to. Only a few people actually care, the rest are just curious. 
  16.   You don't have to like me... But u WILL respect me 
  17. Never let your insecurities speak for you.
  18. Never try to befriend every hand you shake... Business is Business... never personal.
  19.  Learn to separate the critics from the haters.. not everyone is hating, someone's telling u the TRUTH!
  20. There is no competition.. Its just You vs You!
I am taking these tips into 2012 as I prepare to fulfill my dharma (purpose) with passion! Do you have any words of wisdom or an old saying that just sticks with you? Tweet it to @bosschickquotes or @anacostiayogi

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