Saturday, November 12, 2011

Vegan Las Vegas!

Bright lights- Big city! Cheap Sex and Cheaper Food! 
Welcome to Las Vegas, Nevada!

I spent four amusing days stumbling through the crowded streets of the Vegas Strip. I had to push through whimsical weddings, sad gamblers, rich folks who waste money and poor folks who want money. After losing all my money in the casinos, luck found its way back to me through Rainbow's End, the only vegan spot in downtown Las Vegas.
This is what happens to Vegans in Vegas!

Rainbow's End is a 30 year old vegan organic produce store/cafe perched on the corner of a strip mall on Sahara Avenue (parallel to Las Vegas Blvd).

The environment is laid back and friendly featuring local art, produce from local organic farms and local products. 
Cozy corner to check out artwork, surf the net and enjoy your meal.
Local products from vendors.

"Mama Africa"
Local Nevada farms supply fresh fruit and veggies.
I ordered a yummy sunshine burger (not made of soy) the Green Machine smoothie and a kale salad. The burger was flavorful, kale fresh and the smoothie filling.
Sunshine Burger, Kale and Green Machine
The atmosphere in Rainbow's End is a refreshing change from the  All You Can Eat culture in Las Vegas and offers some relief from the indulgence of  Sin City. The next time you are in Las Vegas, cleanse your body from all the toxins and libations and check out Rainbow's End.
Ask for the librarian Petra!

Rainbow's End
1100 E Sahara Ave  Ste 101
Las VegasNV 89104
Downtown Las Vegas
(702) 737-1338


ichoosethesun said...

Wow...who knew? Not a vegan but it's great to know of this resource for when I travel with my vegan fam & friends to Vegas. Thanks for sharing!

AnacostiaYogi said...

Hey I choose the sun! I was surprised to find this little spot too. Vegas really has something for everybody.

Anacostia Yogi

Cole Jones said...

Thanks! Great to know. Definitely will need to visit Rainbow's End the next time I am in Las Vegas. I posted a link to your blog on our FB page.

AnacostiaYogi said...

Awesome Cole! Sunshine Burgers are number one on my shopping list this weekend! You can't go wrong with Rice and Sunflower kernels!