Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Who's on First? Personal Health and Collective Action

Meridian Hill Pictures recently produced a compelling short documentary about the state of health surrounding Marvin Gaye Park in NE DC. For most of us, the issues discussed come as no surprise. But after watching the short, I kept thinking, "now what?" Who is now responsible for taking the reigns and leading the charge to improve the community's health? What do we expect and demand from our politicians, the business community, schools, taxpayers, families and most importantly ourselves?

We all know about the problems. We even have some solutions backed by statistics and shiny reports. And lately, we are beginning to see more organizations step up and implement these ideas. But improving health East of the River truly rests somewhere between politics and personal responsibility. Beyond farmer's markets and exercise classes, access to fresh food, and health education, change must also come from the individual. At what point can we look beyond institutional racism, classicism, and structural inequities to make personal incremental changes for our health?

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