Monday, October 24, 2011

Let's Go Get High!

Soulful Flow Mondays at Hillcrest Recreation Center start today, Monday 10/24/11 at 7pm! Come learn about how yoga can make you fly high, well sort of.

Soulful Flow Mondays Yoga Teacher Sari
Getting high in yoga could refer to deep breathing or lifting your body off the ground to transition to a new pose. Advanced yogis use deep breathing and a technique called "bhanda or body locks" to elevate their bodies, suspend in mid air and jump back into position! This is called "floating".

Now, don't get it twisted, floating takes years of a committed yoga practice. But the journey starts with a thousand steps- right here in Southeast! Come to my yoga class and learn about using your breath to take you to new heights!

Soulful Flow Mondays
Hillcrest Recreation Center
3100 Denver Street SE
Washington, DC 20020

For more info contact Sari

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