Sunday, October 23, 2011

Brothalicoius at Blogalicious11

Imagine yourself swimming in a sea of beautiful, intelligent and geeky diverse women who need your help? That's exactly where Brotha Tech found himself this weekend and stepped up to the challenge as one of the few men at the Blogalicious11 Conference.

BrothaTech is a Baltimore-based one stop shop for all things tech and social media ranging from QR code chains to a Howard Homecoming App for your Iphone.

Check out his site and follow him on twitter @brothatech


BrothaTech said...

You're fast on the posting!

All the ladies at Blogalicious were really helpful. I mean, REALLY helpful. To the point to where I feel like I now have 300 women telling me what to do.

Mrs. Tech already has that job, so I'm not taking any more applications, lol!

AnacostiaYogi said...

LOL! It was great to have your expertise and helpfulness. I am sure Mrs. Tech has her hands full!

Will soon put my order in for a QR code necklace with my logo!