Sunday, October 16, 2011

Black Folks Don't...Do Yoga?

This week the quirky web series, Black Folks Don't, features yoga and the consensus is that we don't do yoga.
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One of the comments made me think about the lack of diverse yoga teachers, "Black people don't want to take a class taught by someone who doesn't look like them".  Awhile back, I blogged about "Breaking the Yoga Mold" and I definitely feel more comfortable in classes with teachers who have bodies that resemble my physique and evoke an energy that makes me feel welcomed and valued. Luckily for us, DC has options.

This is my short list of great  yoga teachers who represent the rainbow in the DMV:
Vinyasa Flow
AnacostiaYogi- shameless self promotion
Faith Hunter, Shawna Renee, Sia Tiambi-Embrace Yoga DC
Takeyah Young- Core Connection Lifestyle
Vivienne Bell- Old Town Alexandria
Amber Robles Gordon-
Helina Metafaria-
Dana Smith- Spiritual Essence Yoga
Juneous Pettijohn- Transforming U
Iesha Ali Shakti Mind Body Studio

Power Yoga
Elizabeth Ohuoha- Stroga

Terence Olliviera

Kemetic Yoga
Yirsir Hotep - Yoga Skills

Queer Yoga
Misia Dinea Stroga

Prenatal Yoga
Nilajah Brown

I am still looking for older instructors for the 55+ crew and I definitely need to see more males! If you know of other great yoga instructors who are breaking the mold, send an email to:

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