Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Black Girls Hike

Trekking miles up 14,000ft of elevation through the Colorado, Utah and Arizona Mountains was about all the movement my poor body could handle in one week. But throw in weather changes ranging from 44 degrees to 109 degrees in 9 days and I now have a hiking experience that I can live to blog about.

44 degrees Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs

 This was an American adventure designed to push boundaries and allow me to open up to a new experience. 

Finding Balance in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

My trek continued from the Rocky Mountains into the Utah desert where I faced another hurdle up the Arches National Park to gaze at the glory of the ancient Arches and million year old rock formations.

Movement through Moab at Arches National Park

No Man's Land in the Canyonlands

The desert will leave its impression on you; dead or alive.

Dancing in Dead Horse State Park in Utah
After 6 hours of driving along the empty roads of Utah and a serious beat down by the Arizona sun, I somehow made it to the Grand Canyon. Here, I faced the mother of all canyons, the grandest natural wonder of the world and thousands of miles of trails that are only explored by the brave and the crazy!

Moment of peace in the canyon
Finally, I decided that enough was enough. My sun burnt lips and the dehydration headaches stopped me in my tracks. I ended the trip with alot of self-pampering in Sedona, Arizona.
Hot Tub in Sedona

Sedona was perfect for its ultimate relaxation, korean vegetarian cuisine, green raw smoothies and alots of retail therapy for my aching muscles.
I naively received a funky reading by a psychic who said I try to do too many things at I think I knew that already.
I could have paid this guy for a "reading", would have been a lot cheaper.
If you are crazy (like me) and want to challenge yourself through America's wonderland, join the GirlTrek team as they take on Sedona, Arizona in October.  The ladies will explore yoga, hiking, shopping and relaxation.Your body will thank you, the sun will abuse you, but the rocks will mystify you!

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