Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Hood Health Handbook- Book Review

I picked up The Hood Health Handbook vol. 2 and I just learned of its predecessor, Hood Health volume 1, who knew?
Hood Health Vol. 1

This "anthology" touches on just about every possible social illness, disease, affliction and addiction associated with the "hood". The book functions as a health 101 for the hip-hop generation highlighting weight loss efforts by Paul Wall and tips from Mike Tyson's vegan diet, human ears excluded.

Hood Health is broken up into random articles and functions more like a collection of suggestions than a book. But, the diverse authors chime in on issues like addiction, sexual abuse, yoga and even food allergies for black children. The writing style is direct and targets everyday life in neighborhoods like Anacostia, Bronx, Oakland, Newark etc. The do it-yourself message is very accessible. I appreciate the non-condescending tone about changing the culture of health and the anti-victim subtext:

"There are some parts of this book that will totally blow your day. You'll be feeling dusted and disgusted. You'll feel like you can't do anything, because everything out there is so unhealthy. Don't fall victim to that kind of thinking. The goal, again is to simply start doing better and constantly do the best you currently can. "

I will definitely incorporate this book into my yoga classes for different populations in Anacostia. I recommend that our overstock of social services take note of The Hood Health Handbook in their outreach and programming.

The Hood Health Handbook
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Supreme Understanding said...

Thank you for the positive review! Just found this blog by accident and I'll strive to keep up! Supreme Understanding.

AnacostiaYogi said...

Hey Supreme! Great book and alot of people are talking about how these insights are progressive and could positively affect our communities. Please continue to do what you do and hopefully you can come to Anacostia and give a talk. Check out another review on Hood Health Vol 1.

Anacostia Yogi