Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Face Only a Foster Mom Could Love

Doesn't your heart just melt at the loving gaze of this furry fella?
That's Twinkle and he was my Washington Humane Society foster kitten for two months. And I tell ya, those folks had to pry his paws from my cold, bare hands because I loved him as if he was my own.

To no one's surprise, I couldn't give up my other foster, "Minnie", so I now I've officially adopted a kitten. She keeps me company while watching movies and wakes me up every day at 6am by nibbling on my toes.

The Washington Humane Society is an amazing organization and when kitten season comes around, it is almost impossible to say no to all the babies needing love.

If interested in fostering kittens contact:
Washington Humane Society
Alyson Burgess


The Advoc8te said...

Ahhh! Super cute!

I was a foster mommy to a little dog named Eddy. Three years later he is still living here and his name is Teddy. I'm a foster failure lol.

Lola Gets said...

Oh, theyre both adorable!


AnacostiaYogi said...

@The Advocate! Yes, my foster Mickey had her government named changed to Minnie the moment I fell in love.

Thanks L! They are good company.