Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Little Brown in Your Burlesque

The sultry and sexy Dr. Sunyatta Amen's Belly Dancers of Color are gearing up for the annual BocaFest in Silver Spring this weekend from May 27-May 29, 2011

Instead of belly dance, I plan on taking the provocative "Brown Girl Burlesque" Workshop by Chicava on Saturday at 3pm. The workshop claims to "help you unveil your sultry diva and put her on display."

Burlesque is typically a comedic, variety-based performance art that has been co-opted by everyone from Cher to some chicks from Brooklyn. The BOCA Fest will feature 3 opportunities to work with professional Burlesque dancers and find your inner secret sex kitten! If you can't catch the Burlesque workshop, try the Black Madonna Dance with Greg or the belly dance powerhouse Rachid Alexander.

Try to squeeze in some exercise between Memorial Day cookouts and catch the one and only Boca Fest with over 50 classes and options to choose from.

Boca Fest with Dr. Sunyatta Amen
Register Here http://www.eventbrite.com/event/1435931911/eorg
May 27-May 29, 2011
Crown Plaza Hotel
8777 Georgia Avenue
Silver Spring 20910

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