Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Revolution Will Not Be Vandalized

Calling all "street artists"! Please take time off of your regularly scheduled, late-night vandalizing to grace Anacostia's ignored and blighted walls with your artistic genius. Your payment will be in the form of celebrity and adulation.

I want Anacostia to be creative. Yes we need commerce, but we need the arts even more! Just look to any big city and you'll see how the arts can shape a neighborhood.

My trip to San Francisco's Haight/Ashbury offered up an endless scene of graffiti exhibitions and hopefully some ideas.

Street Art has a way of resurrecting a lifeless corridor and painting personality onto an abandoned vehicle.

Iconic Pop Culture references fused with celebrity worship.

Just Like A Dream

Nesta - Grafitti Artist

The Ladies of Haight/Ashbury

After pounding the pavement, I finally found the socially acceptable art.


Designer Social Messages?

Just like every major city, San Fran has its issues. Homelessness is pervasive, and unlike DC, homelessness comes in all flavors.

San Fran, geographically stunning, creatively supported and offers great examples of what we can do to bring imagination to Southeast DC.


E R Hull said...

Small World! We just got back from San Fran as well, like just a couple days ago. What an amazing art scene they've got going. It's a mecca of modern art.

Street art and random pics from SF!/album.php?aid=61191&id=110042632344590&fbid=206657152683137

AnacostiaYogi said...

Hey One Drop :)

Great pics! I love the Robeson quote.

Yeah, I felt completely overwhelmed with creativity. There was a sense of "Come as you are and create" vibe all over the city.

DC can do better by turning the street into a canvas. Let the tourists have the Smithsonian.