Sunday, February 20, 2011

What Do Miami and Anacostia Have in Common?

How does a curious blogger end up in South Beach Miami talking about Anacostia? While vacationing, I stumbled onto the workout scene in South Beach and met 89 year old Sal Cappi. Sal is a proud World War II veteran and served in the United States Military at Anacostia's Bolling Military Base back in the day. Sal later moved to Miami to pursue a healthier lifestyle.

Sal exercises daily on the beach with kids half his age, no, really three times younger. Sal jokingly shares, "I feel better at 90 than I did at 50."

Sal's confidence shines through as he does push-ups next to Miami's cocky hardbodies. Sal stands out because he is relentless, saavy and totally pumped about staying healthy. Sal is an inspiration considering he turns 90 years old on February 20.

He says his secrets are simply fresh vegetables, chicken, fish and "enjoying myself". This is a man who survived WWII, the barracks of Anacostia and can still hang in Miami's beach scene so he deserves to enjoy himself. He is the new millenium Jack Lalanne.

To learn more about Sal Cappi visit his youtube site or send him a "Happy Birthday" email at

Happy 90th Birthday Sal!

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