Sunday, February 6, 2011

Breaking the Yoga Mold

It's no secret that when we think of yoga, we often think of a slender, petite, blonde or brown haired 20-something female contorting their bodies into pretzels. Rarely, does yoga connote a full-figured, curvy, thick, voluptuous, brown, or even a male body. Yoga has been co-opted and repackaged by the western and mainstream marketing moguls to represent a very specific demographic- healthy, wealthy and white.

Queen of Curves Serena Williams

I've even fallen prey to the fitness brainwashing that said my body-type was not best-suited for yoga. I used to think yoga was difficult, boring and I felt absolutely no connection to the practice. I overlooked the other benefits such as breathing, healthy eating, meditation and stillness.

Curves don't seem to stop her forward lunge.

This all changed when a fellow yogi taught me postures that worked with my body.
Yoga helped me make peace with my curves.

He introduced me to yoga during an extremely difficult point in my life. He explained that if anything, black people need yoga just as much if not more than anyone else!

 Yoga can help alleviate our daily stressors. Yoga is affordable, easily accessible, and a life-changing practice. Ever since I discovered yoga, I have tried to break the stereotypical yoga mold and share the practice with as many people as possible, especially our youth. If you want to learn more about yoga, check out my free Soulful Flow Yoga class on Monday nights at the Hillcrest Recreation Center.

Soulful Flow Yoga
Hillcrest Recreation Center
3100 Denver Street SE
Washington DC 20020
Funded by DC Social Innovation Lab, Office of Women's Health and community donations

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