Thursday, January 13, 2011

Anacostia Warehouse Supermarket

The recent River East Emerging Leaders Winter 2011 newsletter revealed that the "Anacostia Warehouse Supermarket has been purchased by the Anacostia Economic Development Corp and will be undergoing a major renovation and other changes."

They are asking Anacostia residents to complete a survey to let them know what we want to see in a local supermarket.

The fearless blogger of Anacostia Now gave us an inside peek of the Anacostia Warehouse saying the produce was cool, but the decor, not so much.

The Anacostia Warehouse should be a mix between a food coop and a Trader Joe's. That would be an awesome way to offer affordable, fresh and locally grown produce while building community and businesses in Anacostia. While they're at it, commission an amazing mural or art piece to grace the brick wall that so blandly stares you in the face as you enter Good Hope from Minnesota.

This acquisition, if done properly, can drastically shift the energy of Good Hope Road SE. Already, there are so many health services set up on Good Hope Road that we should think of branding Good Hope Road as the "Health Corridor to Anacostia", or something like that. So far, we have Bread for the City, Good Hope Institute, H.E.A.T. Haven, The Arch and the African American Heritage Drummers Institute.

Regardless, this is great news and will require the voices of the community if we expect our renovated supermarket to reflect a progressive and healthier Anacostia!

For more info on R.E.E.L. and Health in Anacostia
Health & Wellness
Date:Thursday Jan 20th, 2011
Time: 7pm
Where: Anacostia Library
Chair: Aisha Moore


timrodgers said...

Mmm..I best get pictures in their soon then. I love the old typography/signage on the walls in there.

AnacostiaYogi said...

I wonder where old design goes to die?

I have to check out the typography.

I sense that DC's old school 70's sign-age captures some elements of the "Chocolate City" of yester-year. I notice that in the deep pockets of GA Ave, H Street and parts of Rhode Island Avenue NE business signs still remain relatively untouched or revamped.

Good or Bad? We will see...