Friday, January 14, 2011

A Brotha Gonna Work it Out- Terence Ollivierra

My 2011 New Year's Resolution is to step outside of my comfort zone and as divine fate would have it, I stumbled into an Iyengar class with Terence Ollivierra.

Terence Olliviera has taught yoga in DC since 1991 and studied Iyengar under the infamous John Schumacher at Unity Woods. Terence has an amazing grasp on how alignment, flexibility, strength and breath can alleviate injuries while advancing your yoga practice.

I took his Iyengar Level 1 at Flow Yoga Center and felt an integrated sense of form and body awareness. Iyengar differs from most yoga styles because it focuses heavily on proper alignment and holding poses for what feels like an eternity.

Terence's Iyengar class is like getting beat down and built back up, but the masochist in me seems to love it! I enjoy the painful pleasure of Iyengar so much that I am willing to spend my hard-earned money on Terence Olliverra's 7-day Iyengar Retreat in Negril, Jamaica. We will practice yoga on the cliffs of Negril while grooving to reggae rhythms and soothing our sore muscles in the satly sea.

Cliffside Negirl, Jamaica Yoga Retreat
April 13-April 20, 2011
Samsara Hotels- Negril
$700- All inclusive (Yoga, Meals, Drinks & Hotel)
$500- No Yoga (Food, Drinks & Hotel)

If you can't make it to Jamaica, check out Terence Ollivierra's classes throughout DC!
Unity Woods
Flow Yoga Center
Centered Yoga
Yoga Chai

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