Sunday, November 7, 2010

Yoga Review: Ricky Tran, The Urban Yogi

I just came back from a great yoga immersion with Ricky Tran at Stroga in Adams Morgan. Watching him suspend in midair, stand on is head and morph into a human lizard was incredible. But what I love about Ricky's style is his return to the yoga fundamentals- Breath, Asana and Meditation.

In an era of celebrity yoga instructors, overpriced classes and a largely upper class fitness trend, Ricky Tran is a refreshing breath of yogic air.

While grooving to hip hop beats, Ricky repeatedly spouted simple messages like,"Jesus practiced Bhakti Yoga through Devotion!", "Yoga should be fun!" and "Squeeze your anus." (mula banda). Basically to remind us of the fundamentals and the ultimate true goal of yoga- "To reduce suffering so that one can achieve true freedom."

Ricky Tran is one of the few self-described "Urban Yogis" that blends real life experience with the often difficult spiritual practice of yoga. Yoga needs more down to earth colorful yogis like Tran. He has the potential to get the word out to communities like Anacostia that yoga is for everyone and can drastically improve your mental, physical, spiritual and social well-being.

If you can catch his East Coast Tour or visit Dallas, Texas, you should check him out!


Kweku)06 said...

Thanks for the review. I was actually interested in attending this workshop. Unfortunately, I was not able to make it. Are you planning on attending Shiva Rae's workshop on the 14th?

AnacostiaYogi said...

This workshop was VERY different than what I expected and probably the first time that I have witnessed so much random diversity in a yoga immersion.

Let me know how Shiva Rea's workshop goes and send some pics to post on the blog!