Saturday, November 13, 2010

Blogging By the Beach

While tanning on the white sands of Ocean Beach, San Diego, I thought I'd share some of the cool vibes of this awesome little town.

Random signs encouraging poop free streets and beaches

Creative Landscaping

No Whole Foods, No Starbucks, No Target. Yet, a "People's Organic."

Ocean Beach is also a very cannabis-friendly culture and has 3 medical dispensaries just blocks from the ocean. For breakfast, the town has cute coffee tiki bars and at night everyone goes to the bonfires to watch the sunsets. (more pics to come)

Unlike the other beaches in San Diego, Ocean Beach residents manage to keep their unique local business community alive with simple tiki bars, thrift stores, great mexican restaurants and an interesting sunny seaside community.


ajgallion said...

I recently visited Ocean Beach when I was in San Diego earlier this year. ( I especially loved coming home with art from Noon Paper and Designs!

AnacostiaYogi said...

Yes Ocean Beach is my favorite. Locals think it is the funky beach but that's what made it so much fun! They didn't need big roller coasters, starbucks or urban outfitters to keep their business community. Definitely a place I will come back to.