Wednesday, October 27, 2010

If The Redskins Started Practicing Yoga...

Can we attribute the recent Redskin victories to a more spiritually balanced football team? 

This blog has been  be updated 12/12 to address the boy wonder Robert Griffin the Third aka RG3,  the one and the only.

Does Donovan McNabb find his chi before he passes a Hail Mary?

I doubt it.

But, a recent Sports Illustrated article explored yoga and football by focusing on San Franciso 49'ers Tony Parrish's Yoga Work Out. Parrish credits yoga for helping him recover from injuries.

Parrish doing a level 4 locust pose!

A Strong Warrior 2

A Stable Chair Pose

At least one Washington Redskin Rusher Chris Wilson slipped in an upward dog before the season kicked off. This makes me think he can't possibly the only athlete who feels the benefits of yoga.


kweku06 said...

Quite a few athletes such as Lebron James and Armini Toomer practices yoga and praises the benefits of it.

AnacostiaYogi said...

I would love to see Lebron doing yoga before a game. Even better maybe Lebron instructing a class called Yoga for Ballers!

Kweku06 said...

"Yoga for Ballers!" I like that. I think that would get more young people especially young black males involved in practicing yoga.