Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Yes Organic! on Penn & Minnesota SE is beautiful, clean and absolutely convenient. Folks in my neighborhood (Hillcrest) are so excited about the reality of walking 10 minutes to buy Bear Naked Granola, Bulk Flax Seeds and Tofu! We just hope that everyone else living East of the River is just as excited.

Yes Organic! speaks to what many residents living East of the River want, but it also raises the question- What other types of health-related services do Southeast DC residents desperately need?

In addition to an organic grocery store, let's rally for a youth-based health clinic that specializes in STD-testing, counseling, and free check ups. While we're at it, tear down the unused, boarded up buildings and let's construct a family-based green playground that rivals the dog parks of NW.

My point is that Yes! Organic is a fantastic addition that I will support as much as I possibly can. But, a healthy lifestyle for Southeast DC must go beyond gourmet cheese. A healthy East of the Anacostia includes a youth and family-centered holistic approach to urban health.

Check out some great photos of YES Organic by other southeast bloggers


Kweku06 said...

I would love to see a Yoga Studio in Wards 7 or 8. In order to practice yoga, I have to go across the river,into Maryland, or at the Gyms. Correct me if I am wrong?

AnacostiaYogi said...

Hi Kweku06,

YES! Southeast has yoga too! there are yoga classes at
The Arc (Mississippi Ave)
Hillcrest Recreation Center
United Medical Center(Southern Ave)
Spirit Wellness (MLK)
HEAT Haven (Good Hope Road)

I will profile all the East of the River Fall classes & yoga instructors very soon.

We don't have a one stop Movement Studio yet, but I am confident that soon we will have more options for belly dancing, yoga, pilates, African dance and wellness workshops in Southeast.

Simply Theresa said...

I'm very thankful for the Yes! Organic Market. I work on P Street NW by Whole Foods, but on most evenings I simply want to cross the river to get out of traffic. I was often forced to shop in NW due to the lack of quality grocery stores in SE. However, since we've had the Yes! Organic Market I have stopped quite often.

I love being able to buy quality wine, produce and sushi right here near my home. I did hear someone complaining about the prices, but that is just an issue of educating people that quality food does cost more. I would pay just the same prices at Whole "Paychecks" Foods.

My hope is that we will continue to see quality of life improving in SE and that the community supports this venture, we truly do need it!