Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ready To Rumble... Anacostia Style?

Tony's Boxing Gym is likely one of the oldest fitness centers in Historic Anacostia. The gym is set up in a warehouse on 2201 Shannon Street SE and tucked behind the Big Chair near MLK Blvd SE.

Mr. Anthony "Tony" Bell Sr. President and CEO made his mark in Anacostia by targeting long time residents with a diverse yet intense boxing fitness regime.

The gym functions as a one-stop shop with treadmills, stationary bikes, weight lifting and basically a safe place for men to release a lot of aggression on each other's faces.

"Tony" and his trainers were very personable and friendly. I tried to slip in a potential yoga class for the buff bodied clientèle only to receive looks of confusion and suspicion.

Tony's Boxing Gym is another bastion of Historic Anacostia that I hope to check out again. But you bet I will stay outside of the ropes next time.

Tony's Boxing Gym aka Metropolitan Fitness Academy
2201 Shannon Place SE
Washington , DC 20020


Jo said...

Oh Thank You so much for this post!...Awesome to know this is available-great cross training considering I just signed up at Anacostia Health and Wellness Center =)

AnacostiaYogi said...

Hey Jo! Yeah maybe we can convince Tony to do a Kickboxing class. I took one at LA Boxing that was killer, but too expensive.

I would love to see a ladies boxing match in Anacostia!

Thanks for visiting AnacostiaYogi, spread the word about Health and Wellness in SE.

Teema said...

Please do. I'm interested in a boxing or kick boxing. Hard to find gyms in The Anacostia area.