Wednesday, August 4, 2010

From Green Ghettos to Holistic Hoods

Recently, I tweeted the question, "Where is the healthiest hood in America? Someone threw out the Bronx-based The Blk Projek and the Holistic Hood Initiative headed up by mom, activist and entrepreneur Tanya Fields.

Fields got her start working with Majora Carter's amazing Green the Ghetto movement and branched out on her own to focus on mothers and health.

The Holistic Hood program offers free mommy and me yoga, acupuncture, urban farms and socio-political representation to urban mothers and families. Their website touts a cleverly worded mission: WOMEN LEADING & CHANGING THE WORLD THROUGH ANY "WHOLISTIC" MEANS NECESSARY"

What I like about this movement is that it doesn't wait for gentrification, outsiders or businesses to bring holistic health to their community. These women mobilized to create a health environment that met the economic and social realities of their hood.

Regardless of who gets to be the next mayor or Ward 8 Council member, in order for Anacostia to see any real social change, we need to create programs like Holistic Hoods that tap into the most critical component of the urban family... the black mother! She cooks, she cleans, she births, she screams! We know her and we must value her by valuing her health. Anacostia already has the access to fresh organic produce, options for free yoga and a burgeoning health and wellness coalition... Let's bring the mother's into the mix so they can plant and grow real seeds for Green Ghettos and Holistic Hoods!

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