Friday, August 6, 2010

Calling All Femme Fatales for Food Justice!

When I was 12, I remember my grandmother ordering me to go out back and pick string beans out of our little patchy garden and my grandfather bringing home juicy cantaloupes that he sprouted in his front lawn. Way back in the 80's fresh, organic and locally grown food was not a social movement, it's what we did because we had to, we could and we didn't want to pay more at the supermarket.

Now, 20 years later, a plant-based, organic, locally-farmed food lifestyle is a statement, like Che Guevera shirts in the early 00's. The market vegetable guy is chic and the online deliverable produce boxes are just short of symbolizing the American, urban, food class division.

Food Justice is now the new (ism). Food Justice, Vegan Revolutionaries and Food for All are movements toward more environmental and social equality. As more of us country folk make our way into the cities, we are finally facing the urban food deserts that many of our counterparts have dealt with for decades. I have joined in on the food(ism) movement by advocating that residents East of the Anacostia demand cleaner, safer and healthier options for food.

But Berkely, California activist Sistah Vegan has gone one step further calling for all vegan, women of color who also happen to be revolutionaries. She wants to learn about how women use veganism to revolutionize their communities.

Sistah Vegan Needs Revolutionary Black Female Vegan Activists from Sistah Vegan on Vimeo.

So if you are a) a woman of color b) a vegan c) a revolutionary, then jump in on the discussion. I am sure you are out there!

No Food Justice..No Peace!

Also check out Sistah Vegan's other insights on her blog.

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