Thursday, July 15, 2010

Community Yoga in Africa... Why Not Anacostia?

Superstar Yoga Instructor Baron Baptiste has launched an Africa Yoga Project throughout Nairobi, Kenya targeting street performers, artists and acrobats by training them to be yoga teachers. The program has expanded to Yoga in the Streets and Beads for Change - a program to help Masai women make money off of beading.

If one man can mobilize and teach yoga in the streets of Nairobi, I am sure we can bring the transforming practice of yoga to East of the River!
One DC-based organization, Yoga Activist offers options for yoga teachers to conduct community outreach, but oddly the teaching can't quite reach across the Anacostia River.

So far, I have only found two locations that offer community, free, & not-so-free yoga in Southeast DC:

Spirit Wellness
2300 MLK Avenue SE
Saturdays 12pm

1429 Good Hope Road SE
Yoga and Pilates with Amber Robles Gordon
Community Sundays 2-3pm


kweku06 said...

Good Morning,

I think THEARC offers yoga classes. I use to teach a free yoga class at Pennsylvania Avenue Baptist over a year and a half. I did advertise on a couple of list serves and people were aware. The problem is that the participation were low. I no longer teach the classes at the church. I would love to see a growth in yoga in East of the River.

AnacostiaYogi said...

Thanks Kweku! I will add this to the list. With the right marketing and education about the benefits of yoga, I think more southeast folks would come out.

Healthy food and fitness options are major indicators that our neighborhood is moving in the right direction! I think people just don't know where to go. :/

East River Heights Community said...

I think I would actually dance in the street if we could get a yoga studio in East River Heights! Maybe when they re-do the East River Shopping Center. One can only dream.